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Tracey Meunzberg

Hi, my name is Tracey and I play clarinet and bass clarinet.


I started to play the clarinet at a very young age as my Dad encouraged us to learn music.  He was a great singer and musician himself, so it is in the blood so to speak.

Anyway, cutting a very very long story short when I had my own family my playing became very hit-and-miss, As my husband says, “the children replaced the toys”. 


As they became older and moved on, I felt I needed something extra so my love for music started to bloom again, but still, something was missing. My sister still attended some music sessions and introduced me to one on a Saturday morning, so I went, that is where I met Martin who invited me to join LCO.

This was the best decision I had made as I used to play in other orchestras many years ago and being able to play filled the gap.


Playing with everyone filled me with great joy and has brought great friendships too. LCOs are very welcoming, they encourage you to succeed and gain confidence and skills you didn’t even know you had. There is always someone to advise, support and guide you.


LCO makes you feel so satisfied with what you can accomplish, and I feel excited, uplifted and happy that I get a big buzz performing for others, bringing them so much enjoyment. It has brought enjoyment for my husband as he looks forward to the concerts we perform, even my daughter said at one concert "I never realised how emotional music could be".


Seeing us, I hope, will aspire new musicians or anyone for that matter, to learn an instrument for themselves.

It is a great privilege to be playing and performing with LCO and so many talented musicians.

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